Luci di Vintage is a selection of clothing and accessories from 1940s t0 1980s. The standards are very high: every item is chosen for its quality, the aesthetic impact and its content from the history of costume point of view. There are famous brands and designers as well as Italian and French art craftmanship items.



Vintage is often presented as a little untidy “mass” of items and so they do not express its real beauty: this a sort of obscurity that Luci di Vintage would like to avoid through its “lights” which emerge from the mass for their quality, color and personality and which, at the same time, satisfy the needs of a modern and active woman as protagonist of her times. In this sense the light is also metaphor of the beauty given by Vintage: not only in an aesthetic sense, but also for wellness and distinction among the omologation.



How to symbolize the idea of light? I let myself inspire by an intense aesthetic experience during th visit at Mausoleo di Galla Placiadia in Ravenna (Italy). The wonderful mosaic of the stars’ sky is, for me, the best representation of the founding idea of Luci di Vintage: the proposal of a past beauty, made of richness, history and high quality art.


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