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Light blue notes

The “light blue” color is the protagonist of this collection, which include different kind of items. The sky’s color, in its different tones, gives you an immediate happy, dreamy , but also strong charm. It makes you emerge in streetstyle trend which is quite boring as made mainly of black and grey. But, we can make the black and the grey more beautiful with the accessories and clothing of this collection, which can decorate your outfit in a very visible and sophisticated way. You can find, in this collection too, the best of Vintage: sense of color, high craftmanship, and happy fashion to defeat a certain sense common “low profile” .

Nature Decor

The beauty of nature for the beauty of women: creative design, happy aesthetic, and great quality. These bijoux have strong personality for everyone who wants to emerge in a sophisticated way, but also with fantasy trying to “break” usual and boring outfits. The most part of the items belongs to the tradition of the best “Costume Jewelry”, which has been recently considered as a XX century art at the same level of the modern interior design for the extraordinary creations and materials.


A great and emerging style to your contemporary outfits and for different occasions: this collection has a sophisticated and happy aesthetic both for work and social events. The accessories have the best qualiy in materials and decorations. In particular, most of the items belong to the best Made in Italy tradition. Good news: if you purchase a matching, that is more convenient than purchase a single item. Timeless beauty and…stylish optimism!

The rhinestones' power

The strenght of vintage rhinestones, in comparison with the ones of the current mass production, stays in the variety of colors, particular design and in the quality of the materials. The collection is a celebration of color and decor intended also as optimism, fun and creativity. These are accessories to emphasize our contemporary which are often too minimal or boring. A fashion proposal to shine and emerge in every occasion.

Wearing the design

This collection aims to celebrate the Seventies design. It is a parallel journey in fashion, architecture and interior design which, at that time, were in search of progress and modernity (modernariato style). Lines and colors are very essential and sophisticated, but the outfits result very strong in personality and artisitic mood. For you, dresses, bijoux and bags to emerge.

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