About me

I grew up in Italy, in a family who inspired me love for culture and beauty.

I studied Classics at high school in Pavia, and then I moved to Lugano (Switzerland) for university study. After I graduated, I had very good professional opportunities which made continue to live in Switzerland together with my husband Lorenzo and my three children Rebecca, Costanza and Guido.

Following my husband in his art dealer activity (www.bianchinimassoni.com), I had a very positive impact with vintage fashion which I cultivated endlessly as it gives me culture, passion and sense of beauty.

For me Vintage is art and charm: it is the opportunity to enter in a magic world made by history, creativity, quality whose combination is always extraordinary in the fashion production: I study hard to write complete expertises, and I am very convinced of the powerful beauty of a certain  Vintage, especially if  it is mixed with contemporary clothing or accessories.

“Luci di Vintage” expresses a passion supported by a clear philosophy in search of excellence in this field which could result too wide or confusing.


Irene Avaldi - Lugano - +41 (0)76 501 72 84 - irene@lucidivintage.com
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