Available: 70s Lancetti cuffs

Perfect geometry and colors’ combination are the main highlights of these cuffs which maintain also a touch of romance given by the rhinestones.

The colors of the enameled circles, emphasized by the light of  neutral crystals, are very interesting because we do not easily find these kinds of creative combinations in nowadays fashion, so they can really have a particular impact when worn. Their rigid structure allows them to be even a more original and stylish accessory if worn not only on your wrist, but also on your arm.

These pieces represent a perfect mix of  modern and romantic elegance: I imagine them protagonists of a 70s Vogue front cover as iconic of  the essence of an era that looked to the future without forgetting the sweet and shiny feminine nature.  They also celebrate the outstanding Italian “altagamma” culture of its manufacture tradition meeting a superlative artist like Lancetti was.

Cost of each cuff: 200 CHF.

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