Exhibition “Barbie – The Icon” – Milan

Yes, I was really curious. However, I did not have many expectations: I took the train from Lugano with my 5 yearold daughter Rebecca, with the intention to just entertain her. I had never been before also at MUDEC (Museo delle Culture, via Tortona 56, Milan), and so I was not even aware of its fantastic structure.

The visit at the exhibition “Barbie – The Icon” was very beyond my imagination though. The experience is rich and full of good taste for the creativity of this timeless doll.

The sections I preferred have been the one with the most original models inspired by the different world cultures, fantasy animals or powerful queens; obviously, the other one is with the past divas’ models portraits as Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn and other fantastic actresses: they are so realistic with wonderful dresses.

It is a big fun the visit to this exhibition which I suggest to everybody. But, also, it is a great opportunity to expand your own culture and taste. You will be really taken away by the charm of the very different Barbies!

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