Sold – 70s wool jacket and dress

Here an example of geometry at service for decor: the lines of this dress are simple, but they are enough to give it a strong personality and irony which is something very nice in comparison with the many boring outfits we see around. It is made in Italy, and it is made of virgin wool. It has a very representative design of the years ’60s-’70s with the round collar and the wide skirt. The jacket has this nice closure/no closure which creates a very sophisticated line decorated by two gracious pockets.

I suggest you might also use the two pieces separately for a more daily use: the jacket might be worn during spring or autumn as a short coat. The dress only? I would go to work with that…Measures of the jacket: shoulders 46 cm, bodice 49cm, lenght 47cm.

Measures of the dress: waist 42cm, hips  48cm, lenght 96cm (waist and hips must be doubled as the measures were taken in a flat position).

This item is sold.

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